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JacVapour series S22 Review 2019

JacVapour Series S-22

If you’re a big fan of simple and easy to use e-cigarettes then Jac Vapour has something for you. The newly introduced JacVapour series S22 is the newest e cigarette kit produced by the Scotland-based company. This latest device is the solution to all your vaping problems.
Jac Vapour is known for making some of the finest vaping kits in the market currently. Not long ago, there wasn’t much innovation or creativity added to the vape industry before Jac Vapour. The goal of this company is to target people who are beginners or those who have never tried vaping before. Many people have even stated they quit smoking and switched to vaping easily by using the Jac Vapour kits.

Who is this kit made for?

The Jac Vapour has defined the S-22 kit as a simple and easy to use vape. Therefore, it is aimed at people who are beginners. This is a perfect go to kit for people who like taking their vape everywhere as its compatible and high quality. Although the kit is aimed at beginners, even experienced vape fans can enjoy it as they will certainly love the flavor and cloud produced by this device.

What’s in the box?

The box contains a detailed instruction manual
A S22 tank larger in size compared to the previous tanks
A S22 long lasting battery
A mouth to lung coil of 1 ohm
A compatible micro USB charging cable
How is the Jac Vapour S22 different from other devices?
Long battery life. With a MTL coil, the battery life can last up to 1 and a half day easily.
Very simple and easy to use.
Fast charging, can fully charge in 2 or 2.5 hours
A larger tank and a bigger drip tip. A wider drip tip offers more flavour and cloud.

Excellent quality from the coil to the packaging. The coil helps in producing a lot of flavour and cloud. There’s no need to take long drags unless the battery’s low.

Can even be used while it’s charging.

The S22 kit comes in 2 colours, a matte black color and a green colour. The sleek design and high quality is aesthetically appealing. It gives off a classy finish and look. Because it’s made of rubber, it won’t easily slide off your hands and drop. The company also claims that it can withstand drops from a significant height as well. You feel safe knowing that the quality isn’t compromised anywhere. The rubber in your hand doesn’t feel rough at all as well.

Moving on to the design, the device looks classy and sleek with a minimalist design and as it’s simple and easy to use, it’s perfect for beginners. As a beginner, it’s quite difficult to use a complicated device for the first especially when you want a genuinely decent vaping experience. The quality and the build of the device is quite sophisticated. Nowadays, it’s not easy to find all features in one device and this is why the S22 introduced an exclusive and stylish device with easy functionality.

JacVapour series S22?

JacVapour 22

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The Jac Vapor has characterized the S-22 unit as a straightforward and simple to utilize vape. Hence, it is gone for individuals who are fledglings. This is an ideal go to pack for individuals who like taking their vape wherever as its perfect and high caliber. In spite of the fact that the unit is gone for novices, even experienced vape fans can appreciate it as they will surely adore the flavor and cloud created by this gadget.

What's in the case?

The crate contains an itemized guidance manual

A S22 tank bigger in size contrasted with the past tanks

A S22 dependable battery

A mouth to lung curl of 1 ohm

A perfect smaller scale USB charging link

How is the Jac Vapor S22 not quite the same as different gadgets?

Long battery life. With a MTL curl, the battery life can last up to 1 and a half day effectively.

Extremely basic and simple to utilize.

Quick charging, can completely charge in 2 or 2.5 hours

A bigger tank and a greater dribble tip. A more extensive dribble tip offers more flavor and cloud.

Magnificent quality from the curl to the bundling. The curl helps in delivering a great deal of flavor and cloud. There's no compelling reason to take long hauls except if the battery's low.

Can even be utilized while it's charging.

The S22 unit comes in 2 hues, a matte dark shading and a green shading. The smooth plan and high caliber is stylishly engaging. It emits a tasteful completion and look. Since it's made of elastic, it won't effectively slide off your hands and drop. The organization likewise asserts that it can withstand drops from a critical stature too. You have a sense of security realizing that the quality isn't undermined anyplace. The elastic in your grasp doesn't feel harsh at all also.

Proceeding onward to the plan, the gadget looks tasteful and smooth with a moderate structure and as it's straightforward and simple to utilize, it's ideal for amateurs. As an amateur, it's very hard to utilize a muddled gadget for the first particularly when you need a truly average vaping knowledge. The quality and work of the gadget is very complex. These days, it is difficult to discover all highlights in a single gadget and this is the reason the S22 presented a restrictive and smart gadget with simple usefulness.


What do customers say?

Genuinely great yet the USB charging point is dreadful - by Will, 8 July 2019

I've quite recently had my second JacVapour S22 break in under a year, and lamentably this one had come up short on guarantee by possibly 14 days so I was declined a substitution. The issue here is with the charging port, which just appears to totally surrender (and making a decision by others' audits, it is by all accounts a normal issue). Various wires, plugs and so on have all been utilized, yet the issue plainly lies with a poor charging port. I'd encourage to avoid...............JAC: We have had a couple of reports of the usb of late, so on the off chance that you contact CS once more, I will get them to restore your unit, and we'll take a gander at and supplant it on the off chance that it would seem that it's been sensibly very much took care of and still fizzled. We attempt and be reasonable with all cases, even with units outside guarantee.

I would not purchase again or prescribe it to any other individual. - by George, 16 June 2019

The JacVapour S22 vape quality last a brief timeframe even with the turbo loops for a gadget with a huge battery it isn't throughout the day vape perhaps a couple of hours, best case scenario. Pack ought to have accompanied two curls my loop was doa. Also, it should accompany a dribble tip connector not a different buy. .. JAC Vapor: in the event that you are utilizing the turbo curls at 0.42 ohm, and are an overwhelming vaper a 18650 gadget won't be a throughout the day gadget, at 1.0 MTL is will last a great many people multi day however. The turbo loops are additionally not reasonable for fluids over 60% VG and furthermore some nicsalt fluids, the standard curls are anyway fine with anything up to 70% VG, and should last 7-10 days, significantly longer regularly. Client administration can support you on the off chance that you are having issues.

Great while it keeps going, running after port allows it - by ewan, 15 May 2019

Had a few of these now, the charging port has flopped each time, presently most likely simply out of guarantee, wouldn't buy it once more, while it worked it was genuinely respectable, and jac client administration was generally excellent, however don't anticipate that it should last significantly more than a half year before failing.............JAC: It appears to be odd various units would fall flat, I would recommend attempting a smaller scale usb from another thing to check whether the issue lies there, so on the off chance that you have an old telephone one or one from another gadget, I would give that a shot to check whether it fixes the issue.

Alright - by Peter, 23 April 2019

At the point when all the new regs turned out I got an old suspended ecig pen type for £12.00 from another organization and utilized it from that point onward. I chose to get something more present and this appeared to tick all the cases. Have constantly enjoyed jac and needed to get every one of my bits from one spot. I was amazed that my old ended ecig pen Blow's this out the water on each level. It's alright however year's behind it's opposition in my opinion......JAC: PLease contact Customer administration and they will help, it might be that you are utilizing an inappropriate curl for the ideal impact you wish to accomplish, this gadget is all the more dominant that about some other pen available except if you are searching for out and out DL, yet it can deal with confined DL easily.

JacVapour S22

I've been vaping for about 5 years and when authentic substitution batteries for my cherished Evod Mega wound up hopeless I began searching for another vape. As an ex smoker I needed something to give the MTL hit and had attempted a few other new models from different makers however discovered them all ailing somehow or another. I'm a biker so need something with the 5 click framework, something that doesn't spill when shaken about, has great battery life for when I'm miles from a charging attachment, is powerful AND gives a decent MTL hit as I've weaned myself down to 6mg fluid.

I'm satisfied to state the S-22 meets all my prerequisite and gives a far superior hit than the Evod Mega did

I have a couple of niggles, first was the free curl when it left the case (a creation collect issue) however effectively arranged. The standard tip was unreasonably wide for my enjoying, yet I've swapped it for the littler one and attempted the 510 connector too. Which carries me to my subsequent issue, the top fill configuration is advantageous for filling yet the structure implies you generally get some hint of fluid on the top even after a wipe with a tissue which give the nicotine shiver on your lips. The 510 connector gets around this yet this has a void beneath the dribble tip which results in the consolidated vapor washing/gurgling. joining the structure of the standard tops with the manner in which the 510 connector fits would bring about a decent improvement. The last issue is the window, on the grounds that there is just a single window, in under ideal light it tends to be difficult to perceive how much fluid is left in it with no light going through the tank when you utilize an unmistakable uncoloured fluid which I do and aggravated due to the line crosswise over inside the tank where segments meet.

Nonetheless, despite everything I give it FIVE STARS as it is route superior to any of the numerous different vapes I have attempted as of late.

S22 starter unit - by Beak, 5 April 2019

Incredible starter vape, assembled exceptionally solid to take thumps and blasts which I like a great deal. Would suggest.

Perfect starter unit for those new to vaping. - by Dave, 22 March 2019

Having obtained the Sandstorm mod and been intrigued by the quality, Sister in law, in Spain as of late bought S 22 pack with extra battery, loops and oil during visit to supplant her ciggy propensity. Neighbourhood enquiries had left her with a minuscule len vape with a 18 mg of nicotine which gave her a sore throat, absolutely unsatisfactory for what she required. The guarantee and capacity to message with client backing is a major in addition to a very much checked on unit. The basic set up and capacity to see on youtube makes it perfect for another starter not to be put off by to much decision.

I've currently bought a similar set up for my child in order to get him off ciggies.

Incredible worth and phenomenal quality. - by Emma, 11 March 2019

I would now be able to suggest this item - purchase with certainty - JV client administrations splendid as is S22 - by Vivien, 17 February 2019

Following on from my audit of 5.2.19 I presently give 5 stars for the item and for client administrations. It worked out that my unique battery was defective. Sent another one by Jac Vapor and what a distinction - battery keeps going a decent time and I presently have a vape pen which does all that Jac Vapor says it does. I would now suggest this item and to be sure you can purchase with certainty as JVs client administrations are best in class. Much obliged to you JacVapour S22...............JAC: I am happy client administration figured out how to get the gadget arranged for you. Much obliged for the refreshed survey.

More seasoned surveys:

Evaluated this half a month back - said then that battery did not last. Presently my battery won't charge just continues blazing red and now the battery has totally stuffed up dead as a dodo. This is depicted as an accuracy designed item - I don't think so - half a month old and now of no utilization. Would not suggest this item - an all out misuse of my well deserved cash. Curls did not keep going that long either........................JAC Vapor: Have you reached client administration the gadget has a multi month guarantee, on the off chance that there is an issue, at that point it will be supplanted gratis. The battery is an entire 18650, so greater than any gadget as of now available for the size of the gadget, the main gadget I am aware of that beats it is our VIM, which is a similar battery in a much increasingly minimized gadget. A 18650 ought to get any MTL client intensive an entire day on the 1.0 MTL loop, except if you are a substantial client, all things considered a greater battery and estimated gadget should be considered, on the off chance that you would prefer not to charge during the day. On the off chance that you are an overwhelming DL client, at that point a 18650 in any gadget is going to should be charged at any rate once in the day. On the off chance that the battery is demonstrating a light when charging yet none when the catch is squeezed, the gadget is bolted (5 catch snaps straight to bolt or open the gadget). With charging the principal thing to check is the usb plug connector you are utilizing, on the off chance that that is fine, at that point have a go at changing the link to another usb link, if that is great and battery is illuminating on charge, however failing to turn blue, at that point there is a potential issue, in the event that it not illuminating at all the issue is conceivably it's not making an association. In both of these cases the client administration group can discover the issue and get another gadget for nothing out of pocket issued. So please address client administration. Much obliged to you for the survey.

The S22 looks and feels great in the hand BUT not intrigued with the battery life. My JacVapour S22 took almost 5 hours to arrive at full charge which at that point appeared to rapidly go down when I began vaping - I am NOT a substantial vaper however would surely not last me throughout the day. The battery I was utilizing (not Jac Vapor) was littler and that endured longer. Extremely frustrated with this part of the S22.